Every year during festival time we walk on a lot of little trees ; this year, we’re going to save the oaks of this hill.

Here is the Cradle of FOREST. This installation is created for the Andanças Festival 2016 and is inaugurated today. It is a celebration: a wedding between the forest and people.

The mold made from sawdust and human feces from the last festival is covered by compost made from horse feces and macerated food waste.

To dance with FOREST, little hand-picked branches are set up around the mold to prevent the spre ading of feces and to preserve humidity in the soil. The public is invited to move between the cradles and to dance with a newly born forest.

For the party, some dried flowers and spring plants from Alentejo give a touch of color to the landscape while the eucalyptus ribbons and pompons provide glittering shadows.